Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations® (CAL-E/O)

The Certified Agile Leadership® for Organizations (CAL-E/O) training is an immersive exploration of the agile leadership mindset, culture and practices critical for harnessing the power of your organization and re-imaging it in the face of complexity.  While focusing on the role of agile executives and leaders, this training provides tools and techniques necessary to transform and sustain the organizational change needed to evolve while continuing to deliver business value.  

IncrementOne’s interactive classes are designed to maximize engagement, understanding and retention, blending lecture and classroom discussion with exercises, games, case studies and simulations. Whether online or in-person, leaders work together on practices, exploring their own challenges and developing potential solutions for challenges they bring into the class that they can take further after training.

Every course covers the core learning objectives, while leaving room for deeper conversations led by the questions and scenarios leaders bring up in class. The class includes comprehensive case studies focused on applying leadership concepts and techniques.

Key concepts

• The leader’s role in creating the culture necessary to enable organizational agility and value creation

• A deep dive into the latest thinking on complexity and how to apply it to how your own organization works

• Understanding principles behind organizational design, their impact on behaviours, results, governance and organizational flow

• Tools and techniques that support leaders in adapting to personal, situational and social awareness

• Understanding organizational structures and patterns to scale agile practices across multiple teams

• Using the empirical process to transition, support and sustain a learning organization

• Explore and apply tools leaders use when adapting to personal, situational and social awareness

• Use of case studies that show how agile leadership concepts and practices have been applied in real-world scenarios


Dave Sharrock
Sunny Dhillon
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What others are saying about our training

"Dave provided a broad overview that covered all the bases. The well-paced class was attended by a diverse group of participants. I also liked that it was virtual and I didn't have to travel."
Amy Pearl, President
"I found the training very informative, very interactive, and very well run despite the switch to remote"
Leonard Yan, Director of Engineering
"Very interactive and engaging. Kept everyone focused and involved with every exercise and questions and conversations were welcomed."
Steve Tippetts, Senior Manager