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Becoming a digital organization

Project delivery continues to get harder and harder. Organizations are struggling to get projects over the line, and when they do, the relevance to their customers might be lost. Getting products out of the door in a rapid delivery environment requires different governance and controls to those in the delivery of long-cycle products. Budgeting needs to be aligned with a potentially shifting landscape. Planning no longer provides a backbone against which delivery competence can be traced. Just because a program is funded does not mean that program should be completed; the faster the pace of change, the more likely programs lose relevance or need to be dramatically re-thought midway through.  

Our consultants have experience balancing rapid delivery budgeting and governance with annual roadmaps and strategies. Getting the right budgeting and governance structures in place and recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, is the starting point for being able to improve delivery and make the most informed strategic decisions.  

Once the right guides and constraints are in place, the organizational structure can be aligned with the strategic demands. Whether using agile delivery teams or traditional iterative project delivery teams or a hybrid, every organization has different strengths and needs which govern how it works.  

Finally, outcome-based portfolio management allows organizations to accelerate delivery of essential initiatives while smoothly closing unsuccessful ones. As proven in the market. Once transparency is in place, working on the right thing at the right time depends only on clarity of purpose guiding work priorities.

Design, build and frequently deliver digital products

Need to know what is really done on an initiative? Struggling to approve projects without a detailed specification? Unsure which projects to start and which to defer?

Tracking progress

Making work visible across teams accelerates frequent product delivery.
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Product initiation
and funding

Emergent product design plus an incremental funding model.
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Outcome-based portfolio management

Value-based prioritization with frequent customer validation.
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