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Creating the product office

The product team ultimately determines the success of your product. Strong strategic understanding coupled with focused delivery execution combine to make a powerful product team, or what we refer to as the Product Office.

While delivery teams have received a lot of attention the product team often has not. It might be absent or be constrained to an overworked individual with little authority to respond to emergent needs. Working from pre-agreed requirements, they are little more than order takers, unsure of why they are delivering the features they have been instructed to deliver.  

As a result the product team is often out of step with what the delivery team(s) can deliver and what end users and customers really need. The environment and unique challenges delivery teams face coupled with how to wow  customers with products that drive engagement and loyalty are often misunderstood.  

Our consulting team has a deep appreciation for product delivery. We  work with product teams in many industries and specialize in digital product discovery and validation. Our goal is to help create a dynamic Product Office that is customer-driven, able to validate features rapidly, and identify and deliver on agreed strategic objectives.

Learn to deliver what end users really need.

Need strong, authentic product ownership? Struggling to plan long-term with teams that have estimation fatigue? Finding customer validation of new features difficult?

Authentic product ownership

Build a product office capable of emerging needs and frequently delivering value.
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Long-term agile planning

High level estimates allow you to plan and commit to long-term deadlines.
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Validated learning

Start with the end in mind; knowing what to validate before you begin.
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