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Leadership and complexity

The role of leadership has been changing in recent years, and in 2020, that change has accelerated. As leaders we are responsible for building a resilient organization able to respond rapidly to uncertainty and volatility. However, with speed comes a need to re-imagine the traditional hierarchy. The front-line staff and teams that get things done and deal most closely with our customers are poised to act, if we let them. Unfortunately, the traditional strategy sessions and corporate mission statements seldom work. Leaders need to be closer to their teams than ever before, but to listen not direct, to observe and empower, not solve problems and make decisions. Yet letting go of oversight and decision authority carries its own risks. How do you know the right things will get done? How do you know the right decisions will be made? How can you be responsible for decisions or actions in which you have little involvement? These are all valid concerns.

The approach to leadership agility does not require you to do less, to let go and hope that the right things will happen. Instead, the work shifts to one of guidance and constraints. Providing clarity of purpose and building the right constraints in the system to get the right outcomes.  

We help organizations rethink their leadership approach, creating decision-making frameworks to allow faster decisions to be made deeper in your organization, realigning your organization to become more resilient and customer-driven, or revitalizing portfolio prioritization approaches to increase delivery speed and clarity of purpose.  

Our consulting team has deep experience in both executive leadership and leadership agility, providing interim management solutions in the right situations. We help our clients safely restructure ways of working while continuing to deliver exceptional service to their customers. We provide the direction and tools to enhance the impact of your leadership team.

Become more responsive,
achieve better results.

Need to build a more responsive organization? Struggling to executing on expensive strategy endeavours? Have a disconnect between leadership and teams?

Organizational design

Help accelerate product delivery and successfully execute against your plan.
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Portfolio segmentation and prioritization

Decide what matters most, then work on it with focus.
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Catalytic leadership

Align teams by creating guiding constraints to enhance delivery.
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