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Knowing what agile is and knowing how to be agile are two very different things. With a multitude of online information, it can be hard to find the right information and feel that you can trust what you do learn. It is common to find that while teams are well-informed in agile ways of working, there is little agreement on the exact practices and terminology. This confusion can result in confused execution and ultimately lower productivity and poor results.

Our courses promise two things. First, each course focuses on experiential learning, so that concepts are taught with hands-on exercises to deepen appreciation and retention of the concepts and make application simpler and more powerful. Second, each course fits within a customizable learning journey. Whether through a supportive online community and resource center or through a path of training and guided practical experience, your teams can be confident that their learning journey might start with a two-day class but will not end there.  

We have a range of public trainings available to all. We also offer tailored private trainings providing a unique team building experience coupled with discussions and material directly applicable to your particular context.

A learning path that grows as fast as you do.

Need to align your teams on a common understanding? Struggling to change entrenched behaviours and habits? Looking to build a long-term education path?

Alignment training

Customized training with relevant examples increases impact.
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In-situ support

Online resources and support helps guide teams when they need it.
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Advanced learning paths

An agile career path for employees helps lock in change.
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