Design System

This Design System page contains styles and components used through the website. You can change any style from this page and it will be updated throughout the site.


The different fonts and sizes used across the website.


Discover our Approach


Discover our Approach


Discover our Approach


Discover our Approach

Discover our Approach

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Rich Text

What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • Lead client consulting engagements helping to design and deliver powerful transformation programs across organizational, digital and cultural change
  • Lead the planning and delivery of a client engagement, including collaborating with the delivery team to co-create and execute the delivery plan
  • Engage stakeholders by making recommendations on the right agile delivery approaches best suited for the complex situational context each engagement presents
  • Walk the talk. Provide leadership role mentoring through client-facing support during implementation, and by sharing best practices and insights across the organization, with a focus on an agile mindset and interactions with agile teams




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