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Peter Fagerstroem

COO & VP of Consulting

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Peter is a transformation leader who draws from a strong technical background in developing and implementing solutions to address business challenges. He draws from over 25 years of experience covering multiple aspects of IT for business: research, systems development, data analytics, security, management, integration and operation.​​

Peter was introduced to Scrum and XP methodologies as a commercial software developer working for a start-up. Throughout his career Peter has successfully applied agile principles like Lean and DevSecOps to all aspects of business and technology management.​

Peter has assisted many large organizations who are struggling to maintain a significant technology footprint while simultaneously trying to reduce time to market and improve quality. It has given him experience and insight into the challenges of adopting agile methodologies to support legacy environments, and the specific challenges it can cause for operations teams. Peter takes a pragmatic approach and believes passionately that the principles of Lean and Agile can be adopted into any environment to improved overall delivery.​

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