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How we train

At IncrementOne, we believe in experiential training and specialize in applying the latest brain science research to make learning stick. Our instructional design approach focuses on a shared learning experience with tools and techniques that teach our clients how to apply concepts directly to their work. Whether it is a virtual or in-person class, our guiding principles remain the same. Find out more about our training philosophy here.

Public trainings

Learn from experience

Brain science research shows that learners learn by doing. Our courses are meticulously designed to ensure each concept is applied through hands-on, interactive and fun exercises. You will demonstrate learning in a practical and experimental way within a safe environment.
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Best-in-class mentors

Our trainers have over decades of experience in teaching and applying agile practices across different industry sectors from financial institutions, health care, government to start ups. Not only will you learn the concepts, our trainers will also share their real life experiences, so you will learn how to turn theory into practice back in your organizations.

Collaborate with others

With IncrementOne you become part of a larger community. We provide our training clients with opportunities to collaborate in class, but also to continue their learning journey through our Alumni Network. Here you can collaborate regularly to get a deeper understanding of Agile, share your experiences for new ideas or just connect with peers.  The IncrementOne community has it all.
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What others are saying

Organizations and teams of all sizes have seen the results

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"I really liked how interactive this training was and how you were able to pull in examples from your own workplace to brainstorm and work through certain exercises. I went from thinking that I understood agile and Scrum to realizing that I really didn't know as much as I thought!"
Anne Booth, Product Owner
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"The course felt like a showcase (role modelling) of what we should be doing as Scrum Masters. The exercises really helped me to understand how to facilitate better and shed light on personal growth areas. "
Shem De Lottinville, Scrum Master
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"This is as close to real world as it can get. The trainers speak from actually doing the work rather than just theory and excellent communications. The fact that they can answer those difficult questions -providing perspectives because they do not have one right answer - is commendable."
Suresh Ramaswamy, Product Owner
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"Loved the engagement and being able to practice the concepts being taught, the group discussions and being able to collaborate with other PMs from other companies to share experiences. "
Wen-Ling, Project Manager

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