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Certified Scrum Professional® - Product Owner (CSP®-PO)

The Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner® (CSP-PO) training program is an immersive exploration of Product Ownership, developing your knowledge and skillset of Product Ownership to take it to the next level.  The CSP-PO course will deepen and strengthen your role as a Product Owner by validating assumptions and learning to apply advanced interactions with customers and users to master advanced Product Backlog Management across multiple teams. The course provides a deep dive into product strategy, product discovery, stakeholder management, and advanced Product Backlog Management techniques from the perspective of the Product Owner.  Becoming a Certified Scrum  Professional® opens a gateway to becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST), a Certified Enterprise  Coach® (CEC) or a Certified Team Coach® (CTC).

Key Concepts:

• Understanding how organizational designs and structures impact role of Product Ownership

• Applying how to manage conflict between stakeholders

• Techniques for gathering, communicating and leveraging information from stakeholders

• Planning a launch of a new Scrum Team

• Identifying patterns for scaling the Product Owner role

• Comparing and contrasting different business models for a product

• Constructing a competitive analysis for a product

• Calculating the expected outcome or economic results of a product release, given fixed and variable costs, and forecasted return

• Explaining an iterative and incremental investment model for product development  

• Techniques for customer research or product discovery and integrating into product development

• Selecting and evaluating the results and impact of an experiment

• Explaining an iterative and incremental investment model for product development  

• Demonstrating methods to support Product Backlog Management across multiple teams

• Organizing and facilitating a collaborative session to perform prioritization at scale


Upcoming Trainings:

Regular: $2,011.00
Early Bird: $1,811.00 (Limited quantities)
May 26 & 27, 2022
(9-5 CT)
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