When Is Your Agile Transformation Done?

Dave Sharrock explores Agile Transformations and the stages that business often go through during their transformative journeys. By using Wardley Maps, Dave can plot the starting point and evolution of a given firm.

The full video breakdown:

0:00​ When is your transformation done

1:37​ Outcomes over Outputs

3:38​ Agenda

5:00​ De-construction your transformation with Wardley Maps

15:06​ Agile delivery services

18:56​ Defining maturity

20:25​ Capability Maturity Model

23:23​ Agile Maturity Models

24:37​ Using Wardley Maps to measure progress

27:14​ OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

31:26​ DORA (DevOps Research and Assessments) metrics

37:03​ Wardley Maps and business strategy

39:50​ When are we done?

43:21​ Invention

46:26​ Summary

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