Working in an Agile Fashion

Dave Sharrock joins Aaron Sanders from This Agile Guy to discuss the power of story telling and communication, the conundrum of patience and adaptability, and everything in between.

The full video breakdown:

2:30​: Being a Certified Enterprise Coach

3:45​: Enterprises, innovation and complexity

6:05​: Communication is key

7:36​: Evolution of the Product Owner role

9:46​: Process versus product innovation

14:40​: Transferring ideas to the franchise

17:56​: Recognizing emotional connections to ideas

21:45​: Looking for questions

23:13​: The language of a story

26:34​: Stories from leaders

29:34​: The patience and repetition of story telling

31:52​: Results matter

35:15​: How to measure success via a powerful hiking analogy

39:12​: Defining experiences and challenges in the journey

41:50​: Defining KPIs beyond velocity

43:07​: Going beyond delivery to realized value

46:25​: Useful initial metrics

48:30​: Creating a range of KPIs

49:25​: Value is a new topic

51:38​: The conundrum of patience and adaptability

53:03​: The problem of a singular KPI

54:13​: Decouple performance from KPIs

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