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Working with uncertainty

The past couple of years has seen organizations forced to accelerate their adoption of digital practices. Whether turning to remote working as a norm rather than a luxury or shelving months and years of product roadmap to respond to emergent and unimagined customer needs, organizations have had to adapt how they work. Leaders no longer get to cast an eye over their teams as they walk through a department or glance up from a corner office. Product features long in the pipeline are suddenly dropped and ideas long shelved are brought to the front of a backlog of ideas. The only certainty today is uncertainty.

IncrementOne has been working with organizations large and small to adopt lean and agile practices that enable teams to deliver frequently and adapt to changing needs rapidly. This allows them to unlock the innovative power of highly skilled teams so that more challenges are overcome within the organization, rather than at the top of the organization. We have learned that successful organizations understand the importance of leading from the front, of providing overall direction rather than micromanaging actions, of defining organizational constraints that encourage decision-making and a curious mindset to solving challenges.

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Leadership and complexity

Build a shared organizational vision and an environment where innovation emerges and is recognized.
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Becoming a digital organization

Prioritize diverse initiatives, create incremental funding mechanisms and remove constraints to enable innovation.
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Creating the product office

Stay tightly connected to customers and end-users. Their needs strongly influence your organizational change.
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Training and education

Gain the skills and awareness to deliver change. Personalize your learning experience and create an employee learning journey.
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