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Leadership Consulting

At IncrementOne we help you understand (and close) the gaps that stand in the way between your strategy, your customer, and how the product or service you offer gets there. Whether your customer is internal or external, we believe there are countless opportunities to improve how you deliver value to them, without leaving your people behind.

We operate at the intersection of People, Processes and Product, and believe that giving you visibility into what stands in you way will open the door for better decision making, better guidance, and better leadership support to meet your goals.

The Challenge

Delivery is becoming increasingly difficult. There is a disconnect between your strategy and roadmaps and the productive, predictable delivery of your teams.

Something is getting in the way.

You're struggling to complete projects. The environment is changing too quickly and the relevance to your customers sometimes gets lost. Your teams find themselves delivering outputs, but not always delivering the right things at the right time. Morale is tanking, and you know you could do better to get the best out of your people. You feel like you're constantly on a treadmill running full speed, but you still can't keep up.

You want change. You need change.

How We Help

Once the right guides and constraints are in place, your organizational structure can be aligned with your strategic demands. Whether using agile delivery teams, traditional iterative project delivery teams or a hybrid, every organization has different strengths and needs which determine its flow.

Outcome-based management allows organizations to accelerate delivery of essential initiatives while smoothly closing unsuccessful ones. After transparency is in place, the clarity of purpose will guide the process of working on the right projects, at the right time. Building on that, the enabling of strategic and prioritization alignment gets stakeholders on board which helps teams deliver outcomes to customers in a short-cycle environment.

We are there to guide you through delivering on what matters for you, whether its a product/service or project. We create tailored solutions to your needs and provide critical leadership support as your organization adjusts towards enabling constraints, optimized processes and empowered practices.

There is no one size fits all engagement, but what you may receive can include:

  1. An audit and assessment of your ways of working, complete with stepwise recommendations on how to get where you need to go
  2. Strategic planning and prioritization alignment
  3. Value Stream Analysis and Optimization
  4. Realignment of structures with processes and practices to enable risk mitigated rapid delivery
  5. Commitment to working with leadership to foster the iterative and incremental continuous improvement mindset

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Results That Speak for Themselves

Through our leadership consulting services, we have helped large-scale organizations to better handle complexity, become more resilient, and respond to rapid changes in the market.

We can measure success across several functions of your business, including:

  • Tracking progress: Your work will become visible across teams to accelerate frequent delivery
  • Value focused delivery: You will notice streamlining of your ways of working, cutting out what doesn't serve you to focus on the things that matter to you and your customers
  • Outcome based Management and Delivery Predictability: We will help you lay the foundations for delivering on time, with ample transparency into anomalies

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The team of consultants played a major role in our successful Agile Transformation. They worked with us to develop a comprehensive strategy that was paramount to the adoption of agile and highlighted the improvements that we were seeing.
Magaly Azevedo, Director of IT Process Transformation, Green Shield Canada

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