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Corporate & Team Training

At IncrementOne not only do we have a range of public trainings available to individuals, but we also offer tailored private trainings for groups that provide a unique team building experience coupled with discussions and material directly applicable to your organizational needs.

The Problem

Knowing about Agile and understanding how to apply agile practices within your organization are two different things. With a multitude of resources available online, it can be hard to find the right information and feel that you can trust what you learn. It is common to find that while teams are well-informed in agile ways of working, there is little agreement on the exact practices and terminology. This misalignment can result in confused execution and ultimately lower productivity and poor results.

Our Perspective

Our courses promise two things: First, each course focuses on experiential learning, so that concepts are taught with hands-on exercises to deepen appreciation and retention of the concepts making application simpler and more powerful.

Second, each course fits within a customizable learning journey.  Whether through a supportive online community and resource center or through a path of training and guided practical experience, your teams can be confident that while their learning journey might start with a two-day class, it will not end there.

How We Help

We offer a wide range of customizable certified and non-certified courses and trainings for teams across a spectrum of business topics, including

  • Agile Delivery
  • Product Ownership
  • Scrum Mastering & Coaching
  • Organizational Leadership

Certified Training

Any of public training offerings can be held privately for your team, with a customized and tailored approach to better match your team needs. Every attendee will receive a certification at the end of the course, as they would with a public training course.

Non-Certified Training

A similar experience to the Certified Training, these sessions can be more customized because they don’t need to follow the learning guidelines of a certification body.

Build Your Own Training Centre

We offer our clients the option to build and own a customizable branded training hub. This way, leaders can share our courses and learning within their organizations and teams. We will help you build your own content and provide your own trainers with information to share with your teams. This option gives members of your organization access and flexibility to review course content at their own pace on their own time through your company’s intranet.

Corporate membership program

By becoming a corporate member, your organization can purchase public training tickets in bulk, that can be used in any of our trainings.

Are you an Individual or small team? We offer certifications and training.
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The Results

IncrementOne’s interactive classes are designed to maximize engagement, understanding and retention by blending lecture and classroom discussion with exercises, games, case studies and simulations. Whether online or in-person, expect your organization’s leaders to work together with like-minded professionals on practices, explore their own challenges and develop potential solutions that they can take back to their teams.

Our courses are an immersive exploration into the agile leadership mindset, culture and the practices critical for harnessing the power of your organization and re-imaging it in the face of complexity. We will provide your team with the tools and techniques necessary to create real organizational change, and to evolve while continuing to deliver business value through sustainable transformation.

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This is as close to real world as it can get. The trainers speak from actually doing the work rather than just theory and excellent communications. The fact that they can answer those difficult questions -providing perspectives because they do not have one right answer - is commendable.
Suresh Ramaswamy, Product Owner, WorkSafe BC

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