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Definitely, Maybe Agile

A weekly podcast hosted by Dave Sharrock, CEO of IncrementOne, and Peter Maddison of Xodiac, exploring the challenges and nuances of implementing scalable work transformations.

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Podcast Episodes

The hosts

Dave Sharrock headshot

Dave Sharrock

Driving Agile Excellence through IncrementOne with over 20 years of experience, Dave is the strategic force behind IncrementOne. His influence extends from Fortune 100 companies to startups across sectors like finance, manufacturing, and education in both North America and Europe. Affiliated with the Scrum Alliance since 2010, he holds esteemed titles like Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. Dave is passionate about elevating organizational delivery capabilities through Agile and Scrum.

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peter maddison headshot

Peter Maddison

For the past couple of decades, Peter Maddison has honed his skills in creating top-performing teams and leveraging automation for organizational efficiency. As a technologist with a diverse skill set, he has contributed to various fields, from architecture to program coordination. Peter's proficiency doesn’t stop at technology; he’s equally skilled in fast-tracking business practices and has a balanced perspective on both IT and strategic planning.

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