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I really liked how interactive this training was and how you were able to pull in examples from your own workplace to brainstorm and work through certain exercises. I went from thinking that I understood agile and Scrum to realizing that I really didn't know as much as I thought!
Anne Booth
Product Owner
The course felt like a showcase (role modelling) of what we should be doing as Scrum Masters. The exercises really helped me to understand how to facilitate better and shed light on personal growth areas.
Shem De Lottinville
Scrum Master
City of North Vancouver
Loved the engagement and being able to practice the concepts being taught, the group discussions and being able to collaborate with other PMs from other companies to share experiences.
Project Manager
SAP Concur

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Green Shield Canada

50% Improvement in Team Velocity

The first step in leading GSC through an Agile was to increase awareness of Scrum and Kanban, the two methodologies that would become the backbone frameworks as the company evolved and uncovered cultural gaps.

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Pink Triangle Press

OKRs create alignment & clarity on vision

To support Pink Triangle Press' focus on creating a culture of accountability, IncrementOne introduced the team to Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to better align the organization, drive growth and push decision-making deeper within the organization.

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Best Buy Canada

Faster releases, higher quality, happier people

Through an iterative agile methodology instead of a linear “waterfall” process, the company significantly improved its ability to release new code to production and gained speed and efficiencies throughout its eCommerce sector.

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