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The Product Office

The product team ultimately determines the success of your product or portfolio of products. Strong strategic understanding coupled with focused execution combine to make a powerful product team, and this is managed by what we refer to as the Product Office.

The Challenge

It is often the case that delivery teams receive a lot of attention within organizations while product management or ownership often falls by the wayside. Product ownership might be absent altogether or constrained to an overworked individual with little authority to respond to emergent needs. Working from pre-agreed requirements, they can unfortunately become little more than order takers, unsure of why they are delivering the features they have been instructed to deliver. This lack of context, lack of customer focus, and lack of finesse can have a negative trickledown effect on the organization.

How We Help

Powerful product teams can help keep your team aligned and delivering, allowing for customers to drive your engagement in meaningful ways. We work with product teams in many industries and specialize in digital product discovery and validation. Our goal is to help create a dynamic Product Office that is customer-driven, able to validate features rapidly, and identify and deliver on agreed strategic objectives.

IncrementOne can help you build a Product Office capable of emerging needs and frequently delivering value, including delivering:

Product Roadmaps

Take the time to articulate an aligned product objective and a visual representation of your product roadmap that delivers frequent incremental change.

Quarterly Planning

Learn how to get stakeholder alignment on organizational priorities and build a quarterly delivery plan that highlights dependencies and opportunities.

Work Visualization

Convert your planning into a work management structure that makes current and future work visible and exposes risks and dependencies early.

Need strong, authentic product ownership? Struggling to plan long-term with teams that have estimation fatigue? Finding customer validation of new features difficult? We will support you with long-term agile planning, effective product delivery management, and validated learning.

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Kerry Ing, Manager of IT, Whistler

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