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Ep. 63: Nested Value Streams (i.e. scaling)


The episode delves into the concept of Nested Value Streams, providing insights on how to scale from single-team value streams to complex, multi-team organizational systems, with a focus on understanding boundaries and making priority trade-offs.

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In this week's episode of the Definitely, Maybe Agile podcast, Peter and Dave talk about Nested Value Streams. They explain how to take a value stream concept that works well with a single product or service, and scale it up to an organization with hundreds of teams working on multiple products and services.

This week's takeaways:

  • How value stream thinking helps to scale up our development capability from one team to many teams
  • The boundaries between value streams do not have to be a physical handoff
  • Value streams can be technically distinct
  • Understand how to make priority trade-offs between value streams

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