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Ep. 64: The changing role of training


The episode tackles the controversial reputation of Agile training and offers insights on making it more effective, emphasizing the importance of a common lexicon, principle-based learning, and the role of coaching for sustained impact.

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Nowadays, training in the Agile space, in some ways, has had a bad rep. It has left a bit of a stigma around what training we need. However, people generally agree there is significant value, so can we change how we approach training? When is training valuable? In this week's episode of the Definitely, Maybe Agile podcast, Peter and Dave discuss how to make your training program effective.

This week's takeaways:

  • Need training that provides a common lexicon
  • Train principles and values over process and practices
  • Learn through play
  • Facilitates rapid organizational change and speed change
  • Training can be made more powerful with coaching elements like follow-on support to reinforce learning

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