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Ep. 92: Ownership with Eric Brooke


Guest Eric Brook discusses the multifaceted concept of ownership in organizations, highlighting its role in fostering accountability and responsibility, and offering practices to cultivate a culture of ownership that requires effort, commitment, and openness to feedback.

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In this episode of Definitely Maybe Agile, Peter Maddison and Dave Sharrock chat with Eric Brook, CTO, Technology & Product Executive, about the importance of ownership in organizations. Brook explains that ownership is not just about control, but about a sense of responsibility and accountability for our work. He offers a number of practices that organizations can use to foster a culture of ownership.

This week's takeaways:

  • Ownership is not just about individual employees. It is also about teams and organizations as a whole.
  • It doesn't come for free, it takes effort and commitment from everyone involved.
  • Creating a culture of ownership is an ongoing journey. It is important to be open to feedback and change.


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