Prepping for a virtual session

Before your session begins, we ask that you gain basic familiarity with the two main tools that we use, Zoom and Mural. We use these tools to maximize the interactivity, engagement, understanding and retention of the subject matter.

Getting started with Zoom:

Accessing Zoom via a web browser

  • Navigate to the Zoom website:
  • Click "Join a Meeting" button at the top of the website
  • Enter your Meeting ID that has been emailed to you, and click join

Downloading Zoom App

  • Navigate to the Zoom Downloads page:
  • Download the executable file that corresponds to your machine Operating System
  • Launch the dowloaded file and install the Zoom App

Testing your audio

  • Navigate to the Zoom test page: and click join
  • The Zoom App will launch automatically
  • A small window will appear and you will hear a ringtone
  • Click yes to confirm what you are hearing
  • Begin speaking to test your microphone, and click yes after your audio is repeated
  • Once tested you can close the App

Joining a Zoom meeting from email link

  • Click meeting link that has been emailed to you
  • The App will launch automatically and enter you in the meeting

Joining a meeting manually

  • Launch the App, then click "Join a Meeting"
  • Enter Meeting ID, click Join
  • Enter Passcode, click Join

Getting started with Mural:

Accessing the Mural test boards

  • Join our test board here. Note: please launch this link in a Google Chrome browser, as other browsers have limitations
  • Enter your email address
  • Click "Join Room"

Creating a Mural account

  • If you do not already have an account associated with your email, you will have to create one
  • Note: this is a guest account and you will not be asked for any payment information
  • Once you have entered your name and email, click "Get Started Free"
  • Navigate to your email, find the email from Mural and click "Create my Password"
  • Enter your desired password and click "Create Password"
  • Note:  You do not need to join a team or create a team. We will be inviting you into the boards that we will be using on the first day of training

Using Mural

  • You can now view the Mural platform and see the board or project called "TEST"
  • Click to enter
  • Once you have arrived in the board, there are videos to help you practice using the tool
  • Please spend a couple minutes familiarizing yourself