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At IncrementOne, our consultants can give you and your team the skills to design, build and frequently deliver (better) products and outcomes. Whether you need to know what is really done on an initiative, or you’re struggling to approve projects without a detailed specification, our team can provide you with direction and impart the confidence and skills to become a truly effective organization.

The Problem

Delivery is becoming increasingly difficult. As organizations struggle to complete projects in a rapidly changing environment, the relevance to their customers might get lost. Teams find themselves delivering outputs, but are they delivering the right things at the right time, or they always playing catch up? Enabling strategic and prioritization alignment, and getting stakeholders on board helps teams deliver outcomes to customers in a short-cycle environment. Supporting teams to do this means adjusting the system so it has enabling constraints, optimized processes and empowering practices.

Our Perspective

Once the right guides and constraints are in place, your organizational structure can be aligned with your strategic demands. Whether using agile delivery teams or traditional iterative project delivery teams or a hybrid, every organization has different strengths and needs which determine its flow.

Outcome-based portfolio management allows organizations to accelerate delivery of essential initiatives while smoothly closing unsuccessful ones. After transparency is in place, the clarity of purpose will guide the process of working on the right projects, at the right time.

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How We Help

IncrementOne is there to guide you through delivering on your products and projects. We provide a variety of services to make delivery run smoothly and without limitations. We will create tailored solutions to your questions regarding optimal delivery such as what to start with, and what to defer.

Our consultants are trained in balancing short-cycle delivery work transparency with long-cycle budgets and plans. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Getting the right delivery governance structures in place create the organizational capability for stronger delivery and more informed strategic decision making.

The Results

Success can be measured across several functions of your business, including:

  • Tracking progress: Your work will become visible across teams to accelerate frequent delivery
  • Delivery Predictability: We will help you lay the foundations for delivering on time, with ample transparency into anomalies
  • Outcome-based portfolio management: Learn to prioritize your portfolio by value with frequent customer validation

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This is as close to real world as it can get. The trainers speak from actually doing the work rather than just theory and excellent communications. The fact that they can answer those difficult questions -providing perspectives because they do not have one right answer - is commendable.
Suresh Ramaswamy, Product Owner, WorkSafe BC

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