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Continuing Agile Evolution

"IncrementOne has supported us through a combination of workshops, training, and coaching to produce an agile-enabled roadmap which sequences the major activities to be undertaken in a way that shows short-term interim milestones that can be used to monitor progress and achieve earlier ROI."

The Customer is a Canadian insurance company specializing in commercial lines, offering comprehensive risk solutions to help build resilient Canadian businesses and strengthen the communities they serve. This insurance company has full-service branches all over Canada.

The Challenge

The customer was looking to address the following challenges:

  • Improve engagement with the business through better strategic planning and collaboration. Develop enterprise-level data capabilities to generate business insights and enhance customer experience.
  • Ensure efficient IT delivery with enhanced methodologies and adoption of leading practices. Continually evolve towards a simplified technology landscape to remove inefficiencies and create capacity.
  • Improve management and execution of IT initiatives to provide greater visibility on priorities, ownership, and cost management to provide the greatest return on investment.
  • Continue to elevate capabilities to drive greater success in providing an expedient, value-driven experience for business partners across the organization.
  • Utilize agile techniques and incorporate them into the yearly planning schedule to create better visibility around strategic priorities.

"We recognize that agile delivery is a journey which we will continue to evolve based on our organizational needs, business strategies, and high-performance culture, to create a unique competitive advantage for our organization."

The Solution

  • IncrementOne built on previous agile transformation work to update IT senior leaders and share lessons learned from the delivery team up-lift.
  • Communicated the plans for the engagement and set expectations about the goals.
  • Provided Scrum Alliance® training in agile delivery (CSM, CSPO, CAL).
  • Improved leadership skills, and a common language and understanding of how to apply them.
  • Created an initiative roadmap to be used for identification, planning and prioritizing work to address the organizational imperatives that have been defined.
  • Built a governance model for the quarterly planning process which defines the roles, attendees, cadence, responsibilities, and expectations.
What issues were you trying to solve when engaging IncrementOne?
  • Define the priority initiatives that align with the strategic imperatives.
  • Determine the priorities, dependencies, and constraints between the initiatives.
  • Develop a schedule of execution and adoption.
  • Create visibility and improve partnership across business departments.
What have you been able to achieve since engaging IncrementOne?
  • Completed CSM, CSPO, and CAL training.
  • Unified language and key learnings across multiple project teams.
  • Created cross-identification structure of dependencies.
  • Strengthened Product Vision in connection with our organizational strategy.
  • Established an Agile Change Behaviour backlog to continue to elevate our capabilities.
  • Creation of our strategic and operational initiative roadmap.
What made IncrementOne solutions stand out from other options?
  • IncrementOne offers a tailored approach which is built upon the goals you are trying to achieve. Through a combination of training, coaching, and workshops, they collaborate with the clients to ensure concepts are understood and can be applied with confidence within the organization.
What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?
  • Dave’s ability to teach through a method of self-discovery that allows participants to conceptualize the principles and apply learnings within our organizational context.

What would you tell someone who’s considering our business?

If you are looking for an engaging, rewarding, and educating experience to bring your teams to the next level of agility, IncrementOne can help you get there!

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