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Leen Qassim

Agile Consultant

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Leen Qassim is a skilled Agile Consultant with a talent for using strategic thinking to enhance team performance and achieve project and product goals. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Business Studies from the University of Waterloo (UW), which was obtained in 2022. Since then, Leen has leveraged her understanding of technical skills and Agile methodologies to help clients adapt to rapidly changing business environments.

During her time at UW, Leen served as the founder and president of the WASA cultural club, where she first led a large local project. This experience kindled Leen’s interest in Agile methodologies and potential to streamline complex projects. In her last year of university, Leen joined PARSONS, a large infrastructure and technology company, where she worked as a billing specialist. During this time, she further established her technical and analytical skills in a corporate setting, and she had first-hand experience of the limitations of Waterfall-based projects. 

After graduation, Leen began her journey into Agile studies, where she first obtained her Certified Scrum Master (CSM) designation from the Scrum Alliance, which solidified her practical understanding of Agile practices. 

Shortly after, Leen joined IncrementOne in 2022 as an Agile consultant. In this role, Leen guides and assists organizations in their transition towards adopting Agile methodologies. She is responsible for analyzing the organization's current workflow, identifying inefficiencies, and recommending appropriate Agile strategies for improvement. 

Leen is a problem-solver by nature, and her passion for Agile methodologies is fueled by the practical, results-driven solutions these practices offer. Leen’s goal is to help businesses flourish through efficient workflows and improved team communication and cooperation.

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