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The Importance of Incremental Delivery in Agile Frameworks

September 18, 2023

The Agile framework, celebrated for its flexibility and adaptability, hinges on two foundational principles: iterative and incremental delivery. While many organizations have honed their skills in delivering iterative improvements, the "incremental" part of the equation often takes a back seat. This oversight undermines the effectiveness of Agile, missing out on key benefits that incremental delivery can bring to a project. In this post, we'll explore what incremental delivery means and why it's critical for Agile success, drawing on analogies from the world of Grand Prix racing.

Dave often highlights the importance of a people-centric approach in Agile delivery. His ideology goes hand in hand with the practice of incremental delivery. It is through these small, manageable increments that teams can most effectively adapt, learn, and grow together, thereby creating a more dynamic and successful organization. For a detailed explanation, you are invited to look at his insights in this IncrementOne Video.

The Pit Stop Analogy: Grand Prix Racing and Incremental Delivery

Grand Prix races offer an enlightening example of what incremental delivery is all about. When a racing car enters the pit stop, we can liken this to the start of an iteration in Agile. As the car halts, mechanics swarm over it to make various adjustments—new tires, fuel top-up, aerodynamic tweaks, and so on.

However, the key takeaway is that once the mechanics finish their work, they don't have the luxury of sending out a half-finished car. The car must be in a race-ready state, capable of competing and holding its own. This is what incremental delivery aims to achieve: small changes that keep the entire system in a functional state.  

Key Benefits of Incremental Delivery

  • Continuous Feedback Loop: Each increment, or "pit stop," allows teams to validate the work done. This creates a continuous feedback loop that enables teams to confirm they are on the right track.
  • Risk Mitigation: Incremental delivery acts as a risk management tool. Each small step forward allows teams to verify that they're moving at the expected pace, reducing uncertainties, and ensuring project deliverables are met.
  • Adaptability: If feedback suggests the project isn't heading in the desired direction, teams can pivot or adjust their plans, thanks to the insights gained from each increment.  

In the Agile world, skipping the "incremental" in "iterative and incremental delivery" can be detrimental. The absence of incremental steps deprives teams of critical feedback loops and risk mitigation, effectively erasing the agility that the framework aims to provide. By integrating the lessons from Grand Prix racing into our Agile methodologies, we can create a more functional, adaptable, and ultimately successful project delivery process.

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