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What is community?

November 6, 2020

The Oxford dictionary defines community as “the feeling of sharing things and belonging to a group in the place where you live”. With the evolution of technology communities are no longer limited to a specific place.  With the emergence of the internet, the term community has become a platform for groups of people with common interests and goals to communicate with each other, though not without its challenges with abuse and disrespect.

For IncrementOne, community has been, and will continue to be, at the core of our business to collaborate regularly, improve skills and share knowledge.

What community means to us

Simply put, it’s about people, social connection and interaction.

We can all think of a place that we considered a community, a safe haven where we are free from fear... Maybe a neighbourhood, school, or place of faith.

Think about how you arrived at that community. What made you go back?

Taking from the principles of Agile, we focus on the individuals and interactions of people. With things changing all the time, we encourage people to become adaptable and help navigate through tumultuous waters.

Our community is a place where success is not measured in dollars. The focus is, and will always be, on the community members. This is a space for people to gather, feel supported, create shared experiences and have honest conversations.

First and foremost, it’s a safe place to learn and try new things. A place where if you need support, you will get it from another member. A place of giving, where people help each other with no expectation of anything in return, except for the gratification of helping others.  

Positivity is also another cornerstone of our community. Things may get hard, especially when you are looking for answers or trying to learn something new. A group of frustrated people might come together without answers, so it is important to approach difficult situations with an open mind and positive outlook.  

The is no such thing as a “stupid question”, and you will definitely not be judged for asking. When people are learning, clarification is often needed. Open dialogue falls flat on its face the minute that someone feels unsafe around asking for help.  

We take safety seriously. If trust is violated, and behaviour infringes on our code of conduct, members will be removed.  

How we have contributed  

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary support.  

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Some have gotten sick or even seen loved ones pass away. Others have lost employment. Everyone’s lives have been affected and we wanted to help our agile community.

We quickly realized that people’s access to learning new skills should not be restricted by their current financial situation and as a response, we decided to offer drastically reduced pricing for those affected by the COVID pandemic for the months of September and October 2020. During this time, anyone on government assisted programs like the CERB, had the chance to register for our training for $500 (regular pricing varies from $1,411 to $3,911).  

Attendees were elated to receive such a unique opportunity during difficult times, and response have been overwhelmingly positive.

Our continuing support

In our unwavering encouragement for the agile, change management and corporate learning community in Canada, we are offering 50% discounts on all training offerings for our community members who are currently receiving the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB). To receive discounted training, use promo code "CRB_IncOne" at checkout.

The Canada government has announced that the CRB will last until September 2021, so it is our promise that this offer will as well.

Going forward: Vancouver Agile Mentoring Program (VAMP)

In the coming month we will be offering a mentorship program for each major Canadian market, starting with Vancouver. The main purpose of these initiatives is to help develop and spread agile knowledge amongst current practitioners. Full details will be released soon, so stay tuned!

How to join?

All you need is an email address. Register at the bottom of any page.

Have questions or concerns? Please contact us at

Interested in becoming a catalyst for positive change in your organization?