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OKRs allow shift to quarterly goal setting

July 30, 2021

QHR Technologies has been in operation for 17 years and is currently the market leader in providing software solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. The company has recently doubled in size and is looking for a way to empower their teams to make better prioritization decisions as they choose the initiatives that connect to their overall company strategy.

The challenges:

• Executives want to empower Directors and Managers to manage the prioritization of their initiatives

• Bridging leadership's strategy and targets to inspire specific team deliverables  

• Looking for transparency, alignment, and a clear understanding on key objectives and where to focus

• Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are desired to expand across the organization

• Executives are aligned on corporate objectives, but need guidance to roll out OKR company wide

The solution:

• Aligned Executives on Corporate OKRs and defined the initial roll out plan (Executive OKR Workshop​)

• Worked with all Leaders implementing an OKR frame work within their departments  

• Took a three-pronged approach to get Leaders ready to begin their OKR change initiative:

  • Introduced core OKR concepts through our training course (Introduction to OKR Training)
  • Helped develop critical foundational OKRs (Leadership OKR Workshop)
  • Coached and trained skills needed to lead their department OKR (Facilitating an OKR Training) 

What have you been able to achieve since engaging IncrementOne?

We have a clearer set of objectives that drive our overall strategy. Our objectives are more specific than anything we’ve had in the past, which has enabled department heads to implement a more measured direction with their teams. Despite being a very metrics driven organization, our targets were largely annual targets in line with budget seasons. The new objective framework has forced us to create and track quarterly metrics, which allows us to be more agile and iterative.  We can spot early on what’s working and not working as opposed to a big number that we have to hit be the end of the year. Instead, we can choose to adapt the objectives, get rid of them, or stay the course.

“Coming out of the sessions, I felt that IncrementOne listened to our needs and personalized the workshops to us, kept everyone focused and moving toward getting what we wanted from it." Senior Director of Product Development

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